Selected buildings and projects comprising new constructions as well as transformations, executed work and paper architecture, private as well as public buildings, own works as well as collaborations. The projects depict a variety of uses and scales, their common ground being a particular attention to the specific context and conditions of each task.

Refurbishment and transformation of a 1990s office building
Aschaffenburg Courthouse
renovation and vertical extension of the listed post war law court building
Haus der Ärzte
Refurbishment and transformation of the office tower of the Medical Chamber of Saarland
Two Houses
two apartment buildings in Berg on Lake Starnberg
Renovation and transformation of Adalbert Hall in the University of Munich
Refurbishment and transformation of the former Triumph—Adler factory
San Riemo
Experimental housing for Munich—Riem
A summer residence on the Messenean coast
House in an orange plantation
Knitting & Fitting
Small additions to a semi—detached house in Munich—Giesing
The Place Below The Pines
Addition of a swimming pool to a summer house in Crete
Carl Orff Museum
Transformation and extension of the former House of Carl Orff about his life and work
Renovation and extension of a traditional island house
A new city library and transformation of the town hall surroundings
A large summer house in the Cyclades
A new summer house on the Island of Kea in the Cyclades
Feasibility study for an artist resideny in Chora
Remodeling of Hard lakeside and outdoor swimming pools
Shanghai Hongqiao
Transformation of a former textile manufacture into a day care center
Housing development in Vienna—Leopoldstadt
Proposal for the new Bauhausmuseum in Dessau
New library for the philological faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Innsbruck Medical University
Refurbishment and transformation of Innsbruck Medical University building
Haus der Statistik
A new Facade for the former Stasi-building on the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin
Mainz Town Hall
Refurbishment of the listed town hall building in Mainz (Arch. Arne Jacobsen, 1974)